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Class Act Image Consulting Services Available in Naples, Fl - Philadelphia, PA - Boston, MA

Affordable and Confidential Fashion Coordinators

Individual Critique. Hair and Make-up Advice. Accessorize and More. Honest and Affordable Advice for Every Age and Size. Get great medical and dental advice too. Just ask.

Wardrobe And Grooming Advice For Men

Need help finding a style or what looks good on you?

Casual or Work we have the answers.

Make an appointment to have a consultation or go shopping with one of our expert fashion coordinators. 

Home Decorating, Organizing, Accessorizing & Personal Shopping. We add the special touches and pop of color.

Update your living space by accessorizing, color and adding style. Inexpensive updates and decorating recommendations. Don't have time? CALL TODAY 484-433-0020

Request More Information or Call Today 484-433-0020


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