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Trustworthy Medical Referrals

 Are you considering a face lift, hair transplants or permanent weight loss? Have you ever wondered who are the best doctors or plastic surgeons in your area? Afraid to make or go to a consultation or doctor's appointment on your own? We understand. We can help. At Class Act Image Consulting we network with and refer you to the top doctors associated with outstanding hospitals and universities in Florida, Pennsylvania and Boston. As part of our consigners service we will even take you to the appointment and help you make life changing decisions.

Dental Consultations

No matter what your age your teeth and smile speaks volumes of who you are! Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you. Look in the mirror and smile. Do you like what you see? If not, you need a dental consultation. We know how to help you. Class Act Image consultants have the resources and contacts with the best cosmetic dentists, periodontitis, orthodontists and implant dentists in the country. We make dental assessments as part of our image consultations. Are you a dental phobic? No problem. We can refer you to specialists who put you to seep. Our consigner service can even take you to appointments and help you with follow up or travel arrangements.

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